How to Set up Comcast Email in Outlook?

26 Aug

Most probably you get tired of checking emails in your Comcast but you don’t need to get irritated at all because you can set up Comcast email in your Outlook.

By doing this, you can have a look of all your emails in Outlook account and you don’t have to take the pain of signing up Comcast multiples of time.

So for setting up Comcast email in Outlook, you can use the below-mentioned guidelines suggested by an expert of Comcast.

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Follow the directives to setup Comcast email in Outlook:

· Initially, you need to open the Outlook program on your PC by hitting the icon or you can it from the list of    programs.

· After that you need to choose the "Tools" menu by hitting "Tools."

· Then you need to open your email account choices by hitting "Email Accounts."

· Begin the procedure for setting up the new account by hitting "Add a new email account" and hit "Next" or hit the "enter" key.

· Now, you need to select the type of email Comcast uses and hit "Next."

· Afterwards, you need to type the information in the box asking for your name.

· You need to add your email address beside "Email Address". And replace "yourname" with your distinctive user name.

· Make sure to specify your "Server Information".

· Next to "Incoming mail server," you need to select POP3 and type "". For the "Outgoing mail server," simply select SMTP & type "" in the given corresponding box.

· You have to provide your account details. And add your user name in the box as well as your distinctive password in the box which is given beside "Password."

· Simply check your emails by choosing the check box next to "Remember password."

· Please make sure that your account is working properly by hitting the "Test Account Settings" button.

· Comsat users have to name their email account in Outlook by hitting the "More Settings" button.

· They need to hit the "General" tab and then type the name of an account, in the space given under "Mail Account."

· Last but not the least, you can end the setup procedure by hitting "OK," clicking "Next" and then clicking "Finish" option.

Finally, you have set up Comcast Email in Outlook on your computer system.If needed then you can connect with Comcast email support team on their live chat .they will give you instant solution with step by step.

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