How to fix Yahoo error 18?

Yahoo errors often pop up on the PC screen and bother its users, which are frustrating as well as irritating. Although an error stays for some period but leaves them in a distressed mood.

Well, you are not only the one who has come across “Yahoo error 18” while using Yahoo email account. Users usually come across a range of temporary errors. So as the name says these issues stay for a little time and can be sorted out by simple steps.


Temporary errors in Yahoo email account arises because of technical glitches or server issues with Yahoo email.

Try following options to fix Yahoo error 18:

Solution 1:

· Open Yahoo email account.

· At the initial stage, you need to hit ‘Start’ on the bottom-left side of the screen or hit ‘win’ key.

· Then after hitting on ‘Start’ and hit the right arrow which is next to Shutdown button.

· Now, after hitting the right arrow, choose ‘Restart’ from the menu.

Solution 2:

· Hit on Start on the bottom –left side of the system screen.

· Choose ‘Computer and you need to right click on it. And with this, select ‘Properties’.

· Then hit on ‘System protection’ which is on the left panel of the screen.

· After hitting on ‘System protection’, hit on ‘System Protection’ tab and then hit ‘System Restore’.

· Lastly, choose ‘OK’ and the system will be restored.

Solution 3:

· To begin with, sign out of Yahoo mail from all your devices.

· Don’t forget to use a supported Web browser and OS.

· Simply clear Web browser’s cache and then restart your account.

Furthermore, you need to also clear cache from the drivers which you have been using it:

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Clearing cache from Firefox:

· First click on Tools menu and then choose Options.

· After that choose Privacy option.

· And from the listed choices, select ‘clear your history’.

· After that select, ‘Everything from the Time range to clear’.

· You need to choose the choices you want to get cleared consisting of Cookies and Cache.

· Finally, click on Clear now option.

Steps to clear cache from Internet Explorer:

· Hit on Tools menu and choose Internet Options.

· After that in the General tab choose Delete option

· With this, select all the choices that need to be deleted like History, Cookies, etc.

· At last hit on ‘Delete and restart the browser.

Directives to clear cache from Chrome:

· Hit on Customize Chrome, choose ‘More tools’ and after that choose ‘Clear browsing data’.

· And now Settings window will open on the system screen and choose ‘beginning of time’.

· Choose from various choices including ‘cached images and files’, for clearing.

· Finally, hit on ‘Clear browsing data’.

· Restart the browser.

 Fix the issue manually by trying the above-mentioned steps. or contact our Yahoo email customer support helpline number for instant solution.

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